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10 Things to remember every event planner should know!

Being an Event Management company in today's cut-throat competitive market is a daunting task. Clients have enormous expectations from the event planners to make their event be it a business dinner, press conference, seminars, opening ceremony, VIP events, Board meetings, birthday party, wedding or reception party, & family events an unforgettable experience. Therefore, as an event organizer, you have to constantly come up with new ideas and on the edge of your seat to make your client happy. However, if you are a beginner in the field of event planning and not having the foggiest idea of how to organize events, then go through the following tips to make events successful.

  1. Have plenty of time in hand: Don't rush into arranging an event without having adequate time in your hand because planning a successful event requires time. And, if you are in hurry then you can go completely awry which can ruin event as well as your reputation in the market.
  1. Keep the goal of the event clear:  Unless you have a clear understanding of the purpose of the event, you can't organize successful events. Therefore, before jump into arranging an event, sit down with your team and chalk out the purpose of the event. This will give you a fair idea that how to organize extraordinary events. Therefore, ask yourself few questions such as the what is the purpose of the event? Is this event being organized for common gathering or to raise funds or evoke awareness in the society.
  1. Make budget for the event: Don't spend a like a sailor because you have been assigned a confined budget by clients. Otherwise, you will burn a hole in your pocket which you don't want at all. Therefore, take down all the cost which incurs while arranging an event be it the cost of the venue, publicity, advertisement, refreshment, prize, artists, transport, first aid equipment, decoration etc.
  1. Engage the attendees: You don't want your audience to be seen disinterested; therefore, you should plan different ways to keep your audience busy and entertained equally. Thus, according to the theme of the event, you should come up with new ideas and functions to keep your audience entertained. You can book a speaker, singers, and dancers or arrange various games for kids and adults to keep them glued with an event.
  1. Divide tasks: Event Management is teamwork. Therefore, for successfully executing an event, you must hire a proficient team and efficiently divide work among them. Keep your staff happy because they can either make or break your reputation in the market.
  1. Transport: Getting people to the event seems to be a daunting task, therefore, you should plan beforehand, that how to make your audience reach to the venue? What will be the mode of transportation? Considering the budget of the event.
  1. Safety: Being an event planner, it is your duty to ensure the safety of the guests and workers. Therefore, for an event, you must have first aid kit ready or if it is a big event you can hire a doctor in case of any sort of casualties.
  1. Document Events: Keeping the record of the event is a great way to remember everything you have done. Moreover, it will also help in preparing your strong portfolio. You can upload the pictures of the events and document on your website which will help you fetching new clients.
  1. Publicity: To make your event memorable, you must have a separate budget and team to promote it on the right medium to reach out to the maximum people. The success of your event largely depends upon the right publicity so pay attention to this aspect.
  1. Enjoy the event: You won't be a successful event planner unless you enjoy the entire process of event planning. Therefore, enjoy & have fun throughout the event organizing process. It will help you making event great and memorable.

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